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As the leaves fell out of place

43 textures and Icons

- 43 200x200 Icon textures -


- Results -

Hello there!
I´ve made some new textures for the icons that I posted in the previous entry. After actually liking the results I´ve made much more to share with all of you, and I actually tried them out with new icons posted below! This whole set is 200x200 pixels. If you save them from here they will be still their original size I just sized them down to avoid a large post. You can also download the whole set in a zip file through the link above via deviantart.

Most of my textures are made from pictures that I find on the web, and I dont own them. Therefore credit is not necessary just dont claim as yours or repost this batch on here or any site.

I would love to hear a word from the people that use them so, a comment here is always welcomed. Also you can watch the community to never miss a post! :)

This are the icons I created using this textures.

Tags: music: LOOΠΔ, music: exo, music: nct, music: sunmi, textures: medium size
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